In Memoriam

Ann Burke Newbert
Founder, NMI

Northeast Montessori Institute is dedicated to the life and work of Ann Burke Neubert. Ann founded NMI in 1984, and was its director until her untimely death in 1990. Ann trained hundreds of teachers during her twenty-three years of dedication and service to the Montessori Method of teaching. These teachers, in turn, have taught thousands of children. Ann’s life touched the lives of many people throughout the world, and her intelligence, humor, sincerity and integrity were greatly admired.

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Sr. Anthonita Porta,
AMS Living Legacy 2002

NMI will forever be honored also by the contributions to the Institute by the life and work of Sr. Anthonita Porta (03/09/33 – 09/09/09). Sister Anthonita was a cornerstone of NMI since its inception and had been a friend, colleague, and mentor to Anne Neubert prior to that time. Her insights and inspiration will live on in the hearts and minds of us at NMI as we dedicate ourselves to continuing to provide excellence in Montessori teacher training.

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NMI is equally indebted to all of its many dedicated Instructors, but past and present. It is not our work to which they commit their efforts, but rather, to the work of the child in constructing the adult they are to become.