Ann Neubert Enrichment Series

Deepening the Montessori Environment with Mindfulness

Montessori education is essentially a curriculum of mindfulness. Maria Montessori never used the word “mindfulness” in her writing and yet every aspect of how we work with children is infused with mindful awareness of the child, the teacher, the environment, and the materials.

In this workshop we will explore the underpinnings of mindfulness in Montessori education and develop them further. We will focus on three key areas: personal mindfulness practice, embodied teaching, and direct instruction. We’ll look at the neuroscience to see why the development of a personal mindfulness practice is the heart and backbone of sharing mindfulness with children. Embodied teaching is the practice of mindful awareness while interacting with students. It’s part of what Montessori teachers do, and yet there are ways to strengthen this teaching practice. As we turn to direct instruction, we’ll look at practical ways of integrating mindfulness activities into the students’ work cycle.

These three areas will be woven together with mindfulness practices, journaling, interactive activities, and practice teaching. The goal of this workshop is to share a practical knowledge and wisdom as well as to provide a personally nurturing and restorative environment for teachers.

Workshop Title:

Deepening the Montessori Curriculum with Mindfulness


July 30 & 31, 2018 (Monday and Tuesday)

Class Hours:

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts


Erin Woo