Ann Neubert Enrichment Series

Circle Time, Grace and Courtesy, and Self-Care for Teachers

Day 1 – all day

Circling back to Circle Time

Circle time is an essential aspect of every day in every Montessori classroom. Learn how to turn what can be a stressful and challenging time for many teachers into an invaluable means to creating the classroom and community you always envisioned.

  • Purpose of the circle as a means of community-building and communication
  • What it is and what it isn’t
  • Recipe for a successful circle
  • Changes throughout the year with example circles
  • Developing children’s leadership of the circle
  • Putting the circle activities “on the shelf” in the classroom environment
  • Great resources for stories and music – specific ideas for books to read aloud and discussions to lead
  • Small group lessons with specific ideas – both planned groups and the false fatigue period
  • Time for adult learners to plan and practice ideas
  • Problem-solving clinic to address things that come up in the classroom

Day 2 –morning

Grace and Courtesy for Teachers and Children

Grace and Courtesy is not a curriculum area! It is a way of being which enfuses not just our classrooms but our entire school community. It is also a means by which our spiritual development as teachers grows. Let’s look at the three period lesson of grace and courtesy – present, practice, and apply – and how that creates a community of children and adults in the Montessori school.

  • Lessons in the classroom
  • Professionalism in the school
  • Harmony agreements that reduce gossip and triangulation
  • Creating a cooperative and respectful atmosphere in your classroom and school
  • Clarifying ground rules and procedures

Day 2 – afternoon

Self-Care for Teachers

Montessori spoke of the triune relationship of the adult, the child, and the environment. However, we often do not give ourselves equal consideration in addressing our own needs or development. This session is a natural complement to the morning’s topic of Grace and Courtesy as it relates to our own self-care.

  • Handling our own difficult emotions when working with children
  • Using challenges as an opportunity to grow
  • organizational structures that reduce stress in preparing the classroom environment, planning lessons, and record keeping
  • Yoga and mindfulness breaks for the whole classroom community
  • Yogic principles that help us keep calm and feel supported
  • Maintaining a joyful attitude in our teaching practice
Workshop Title:

Circle Time, Grace and Courtesy and Self-Care for the Teachers


July 22 & 23, 2019 (Monday and Tuesday)

Class Hours:

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts


Gretchen Courage